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Friday, December 19, 2014

before 2015 , something you should know , just for memory , for fun

I bet some of you may wanna kick my ass when reading this title. Please do not . Year after year gone by , you , i , he , she , they , we went through a lot of individual event every year , every month , every day . You may wanna look around your life this year , are there something you totally nailed it ? Or something you putted so much efforts but failed, sorry for your failures. 2014 is come around the end i think it is something like you to go toilet every day we should recall or look around some issues you do not aware just in the name of 2014 memory ( This is why the title labelled ). Or you think my words are totally bullshits then in the name of fun. 

Let us summary in Categories , then first comes: 

Category A - Art+Culture:
Issue a - The best art of year 

Dazed Digital online enlist a list of arts events which relate varieties of art areas. The concepts are the soul of art so why do not you improve your soul ? Click here.

Issue b - artificial skin that can feel sensation is coming out

This is science culture , has strong impacts on many aspects of your life . From "Clone" i started to perceive there is nothing we human being can not achieve if we have imagined our thoughts out. The artificial skin is not a refresh term in science but it actually has the possibilities to be a reality really wow me. You ? Go here.

Category B - Fashion:
Issue a - top 20 fashion moments of the of 2014

A summary of fashion events could be a perfect material of those lazy fashion fans , isn`t it ? Even i , a fashion news daily-reader can miss some big moments which might be the iconic issue. This 20-moments list included Rihanna turned up to the CFDA awards in that dress , Anna Winter and a Gaggle of model`s flight got diverted to newcastle , etc ... Do not miss any of them . Read here.

Issue b - Most googled 20 fashion trends

If i know the most trendy terms of 2014 my website will get more traffics . Shame on nobody . Just make a joke . What your trendy terms in brain ? After i sew them i get a tip - those most googled terms are the results of the most googled fashion issues , news , or celebrities. Like Alexander Wang+H&M makes term " Designer Collaboration" comes the 6th place in the rank of those hot terms.
Here is the list:
1. Normcore 2. Health goth 3. Althleisure 4. Wearables 5. Crop tops 6. Designer collaboration 7. Over-the-knee boots 8. Full skirts 9. Culottes 10. Mules 11. Street style 12. Capes 13. Mesh 14. Tartan 15. Fashion sneakers 16. Mod style 17. Suede 18. Iridescence 19. Embroidered denim 20. Velvet

So much to share , to talk, to recall , based on the article length , that`s all for the "before 2015 ... for fun" story round 1 , which means coming up round 2 , 3 , 4 who knows .

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Thursday, December 18, 2014


-Sphere A - The Thought process Of Waiting For A Text 

Description : Writer Amelia Diamond form Man Repeller released an article titled in "The Thought Process Of Waiting  A Text". 

My Thought : Yes, this situation happened very often, but usually we get anxieties waiting some messages from some we-care persons, especially your boyfriend or girlfriend. And i feel sorry for that a lot of people did not reply us when the first moment your saw the lines we wrote , because of they do not care or it is like he just wanna finish his Masturbation first. You are like so desired to receive his words , and to kill our anxieties we choose to move our attentions to other things like watching TV shows or doing a facial care . But we finally just got a "hey"  , like hey, i am busy to do my things and maybe just ignores your official message. Fuck him, her, they or others. We hate this, so rude and so Humiliating.

Other Thoughts On This Sphere 

Click Here to read the original article and speak out you thought , this situation we all faced past or facing right now.

-Sphere B - My Afternoon With Mary Alice

Description : New York based stylist Kelly Farmel spent an afternoon with her long time friend - stylist , magazine editor Mary Alice . This catching up is quite a industry talk.

My Thought : It is so blessed that some fashion-lovers actually did what they planed to do. And of course you need luck, a lot of lucks, i mean , i started to subscribe fashion magazines even more early at my age than Mary was but i can not find my chance or need to say chance does not like me ? I am not so sure. Anna Winter is a icon still remember her Vogue cover 1988 oh yeah, so creative and like a revolution of editing.
Your friend looked so retro chic and i am glad for you to have her around which may inspires you on styling a lot. This interview is good fit for your readers who wants know how fashion insiders work and their thoughts. Thanks a lot.
Other Thoughts On This Sphere

  • Oh my God. This!!!! ---> "And we’re in a situation now where it’s a ‘look at me’ generation, the millennials, look at me, look at me. But what about validating somebody else? I mean, you’re on Instagram, you’re getting all your likes, getting your followers. It’s not about how many followers you have, it’s how you are a leader."
    We need more people with that attitude!

  • Great interview!

    • What a lovely interview and what an amazing mentor! Also Kelly, 
    • your pants are amazing in this shoot.

    • Looks like it's been an amazing afternon!

    Click Here to read this interview and get inspired , i bet you will.

    -Sphere C - Blogger 101//Create A Media Kit 

    Description : Media is way important to a website just as water to fish. Blogger Colli from ToBeYoutiful shared her opinions on creating media kit through some tips.

    My Thought : Your posts always are quite useful. We , i mean serious writers or bloggers need this, i agree with your opinions 100%, this is my second year of writing and editing and recent three months i got more requires from press or outfits brand. Web design, content writing, are the two keys for a website being successful. You already achieve that, cheers.

    Other Thoughts On This Sphere 
    1. Hallo Nicole,
      merci für die Tipps, denke zwar nicht das mein Blog irgend wann mal so weit ist, dass ich das benötigen würde, da es so viele gute Foodblogs gibt, aber trotz alle dem sehr interessant!
      Liebe Grüße

    2. Das ist wirklich mal ein hilfreicher Post! Vielen Dank :) Und dein Media Kit sieht auch schon richtig schön aus.

    3. Your posts always are quite useful we i mean serious bloggers need this, i agree with your opinions 100%, this is my second year of blogging and recent three months i got more requires from press or outfits brand, web design, content writing, are the two keys for a blog being successful. You already achieve that, cheers.

      I would love if you come across my blog sometimes

    Click Here to get tips and inspiration on creating your media kit. 

    LN-CC (USA)

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